Valuable lesson for parents and expectant parents

Do not yell Children,

A touching story that teaches us not to overreact in dealing with juvenile delinquents. (This story is taken from one of the forum)
A husband and wife as the other couples in big cities leave the children cared for while working housekeeper. Only child of this couple, pretty women aged three and a half years. He was alone at home and often left assistants for busy working in the kitchen.

Play him with swing-top cradle swing in which his father purchased, or pick flowers and others in his yard.

One day he saw a nail rust. And he crossed the floor where his father’s car was parked, but because the floors are made of marble the graffiti is not visible. She tried again on a new car his father. Yes … because the car was dark colored, then it seems clear coretannya. Moreover, these children were scribbled in accordance with his creativity.

It was a father and his mother a motor to work because they want to avoid traffic jams. Once the car is full right of graffiti then he turned to the left of the car. Made pictures mother and father, her own drawings, paintings chickens, cats and others to follow his imagination. The incident took place unnoticed by the housekeeper.

When I got home in the evening, the couple was disturbed to see a new car purchased with a year installment payment that is still a long keel. The father who had not yet entered this house screaming, “Kingdom of who this?”

Housekeeper who was struck by the screams ran out. He also beristighfar. His face flushed even more terrified to see the face of cruel masters. Again the hard questions posed to him, he kept saying “I do not know .. sir.” “You’re home all day, what are you doing?” Cried the wife again.

The child who hears his father, suddenly ran out of room. By fully spoiled she said “Dita’s father who made the picture .. beautiful … right! “she said, hugging her father as spoiled as ever. The father who had lost patience took a small twig from the tree in front of his house, continue struck many times into the palm of his hand. The child who does not understand what’s what crying in pain, pain and frightened. Satisfied hitting the palm of the hand, the father also hit the back of his hand. While Mom was just silence, as though to bless and be satisfied with the punishment imposed.

Terbengong maid, not knowing what to do … The father was quite a long time banging his right hand and then replace his left hand. After her father went into the house followed by the mother, the maid holding the little boy, took him to the room.

He was surprised at the palm and back of the hand of the child were injured and bleeding. Servants to bathe the little ones. As I douse it with water, he began to cry. The boy was also arrested painful scream when his wounds were exposed to water. Then the maid home to sleep the little boy. The father accidentally let the child sleep with the housekeeper. The next day, both the child’s hands were swollen. Maid complained to her employer. “Apply the medication alone!” Replied the father of the child.

Home from work, he did not pay attention to the little boy who spent time in the maid’s room. The father was reportedly willing to give lessons to his son. Three days passed, the father had never visited his son while the mother, too, even though every day asked his housekeeper. “Dita fever, ma’am.” Replied the aide concise. “Love taking Panadol ONLY!” Replied the mother. Before the mother entered the bedroom he visited the room attendants. When viewed in the arms of her maid Dita, she closed the door again aides. Entered the fourth day, servant told his master that Dita’s body temperature is too hot. “This afternoon we bring to the clinic. At 5:00 you are ready “said his employer was. Until such time as the child who is weak to the clinic. Physicians directed that he be brought to the hospital because it was a serious difficulty. After a few days in inpatient physicians called the boy’s father and mother. “There is no choice ..” said the doctor who suggested that the boy’s hands cut off because the pain was too severe. “It’s been festering, in order to save his life then his hands to be cut off from the elbow down” the doctor said. The father and mother as if hit by lightning to hear those words. Feel the world stop turning, but what can be said again.

Wailed the mother embracing the child. With a heavy heart and tears melted his wife, the father shook his hand signed surgical consent. Out of the operating room, after the anesthetic is injected exhausted, the child crying in pain. He was also surprised to see his hands wrapped in white gauze. He looked at the face of his father and mother. Then to the maid’s face. He frowned at them all cry. The pain of torture, the child’s voice in tears. “Dad .. Mom … Dita will not do it anymore …. Dita at his father did not want anymore. Dita not evil anymore … Dita dear father .. dear mother. “, he repeatedly made the mother failed to contain her grief. “Dita is also unfortunately Mbok NARTI ..” he looked into the house maid, while making her wail hysterically.

“Dad .. Dita hand it back. For what was taken? … Dita promise ill do it again! Dita how to eat it later? … How Dita wanted to play it later? … Dita promise ill be doodling cars again, “he said repeatedly.

Seemed to come off the heart of the mother heard her son’s words. He roared as strong as the liver, but fate has happened there is no human being can hold. Rice has become porridge. At the end of his life went on pretty boy with no arms and he still does not understand why his remains had to be cut despite having to apologize.
For those of you who have become parents or prospective parents. Remember …. nothing upset you, do not overreact. As parents, we ought to look after each other our works, especially in children who are small because they still do not know anything. In responding to child misbehavior, may we as adults can be more patient, because that ‘child’ in their minds have not been burned so much about the ‘good and bad’ it is our duty to teach it. But teach them about what is right and wrong is not necessary by force. And remember, the child is a gift and the trust was entrusted by God to our care and guidance.


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