You should know bhwa heart pumps blood throughout the body by about 100,000 times for 24 jamtanpa henti.Luarbiasa God created the very heart of the vital organs, there are few abnormalities in these organs can be fatal.
Heart attacks can happen anytime, anywhere and for any person, is due to impaired blood supply to heart muscles are the result of heart tersebut.Diawali organ stop with the number of plaque buildup in coronary arteries and cholesterol cause.
Bad cholesterol that causes blockage of blood vessels in the heart reduces the oxygen supply to the heart organ, when oxygen is food for muscles jantung.Kekurangan sigen ok this is what made his heart muscle stops working muscles then ebaiknyalah we keep our heart from a heart attack.
Factors that need to be considered by us all how the blockage is formed?
Healthy lifestyle prevention dlah baik.Usahakan yag very often get up early, terllu not sleep at night, avoid smoking and alcohol, and if the rag is teratur.makanan who believed and proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and able to clean up the blood vessels of plaque, the omega 3.
Proven effective in fixing the bad cholesterol that accumulate in the blood vessels, and work on the heart muscle cell membranes, helping sangt elekttrik activity of the heart muscle.
One other important role of omega 3, is able to widen pembluh darah.apabila omega works very effectively, other food additives that squalene is very helpful because the heart has the ability to bind oxygen without the help of hemoglobin that carries oxygen squalen can directly into the cell el tubuh.Dengan sufficient muscle oxygen supply to the heart makes cardiac muscle work optimally.
References we have received the maximum that can do all that foods containing omega 3 and squalene, have been proven to help overcome the risk of heart disease.


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